MAINFREIGHT UKRAINE celebrates 3 year Anniversary

Mainfreight Ukraine celebrates 3 year anniversary

Our Ukrainian branch is young, but we are happy and proud to be a part of our large global Company, which shares its global experience, offers opportunities to use its wide network, has own unique  culture and strong vision.

We conduct our business in Ukraine according to the global 100 year vision and we understand it as a special mindset of each of our team members that every day and every action is about growing a strong, enduring and successful business. This means making the place better than we found it.

We would like to thank  our partners for interesting and challenging projects,  for stimulating  us  to grow and to develop,  for criticism and praise, evaluation and recommendations!

We’ll do our best to be relevant to the status of the preferred logistic partner providing  high quality logistics solutions.

Our Ukrainian team has celebrated this Special Day at the Knyazhiy Dvir country club. We had a lot of fun together doing outdoor and indoor activities such as swimming in the pool, rifle shooting and bowling. We followed the Ukrainian saying "Those who can rest well will have more energy to work hard!”

August 2015 Celebration of Mainfreight Ukraine

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