Mainfreight Ukraine focuses on social responsibility

Mainfreight Ukraine focuses on social responsibility

It is a voluntary choice of each Ukrainian team member to participate in the stable development of our country not only by achieving company  goals, but also through our own contribution to the Ukrainian society.

One part of company’s social activities is devoted to support young specialists and talents. Mainfreight Ukraine participated in the Kyiv Post Employment Fair which was held in the beginning of October in Kyiv and was organised by “Kyiv Post”, Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper. The aim of participation was to look for experienced professionals with local and international experience, young talented people and recent graduates of the leading Ukrainian universities. Applicants had an opportunity to pass the first interview, learn about open positions, internships and career programs, to get advice on employment and personally interact with company representatives. In this way young people have an opportunity to receive experience in the leading global company and the best of them may get a job offer from our company.

Mainfreight Ukraine looks for people who will share and be excited to achieve our strategy for 100 year vision.

Kyiv Post Employment Fair: 11 years of experience, more than 2,000 visitors every year, 76% of participants with higher education and 50% of those have more than 3 years of work experience; participation of the TOP companies, HR Agencies, governmental sector, NGOs, Embassies and Business Schools

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